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By Colleen Ower


Recreational classes at the Expose Dance Centre are predominantly "fun only" dance classes. Some basic techniques similar to our exam stream are still taught as the fundamentals however. In our recreational dance classes, there is no requirement to sit dance exams and the dance class sizes are generally larger than the exam classes. The classes offer fun, energetic environment with fully qualified teachers, so the fundamentals of warm up, stretching and safe dance practices are adhered to.

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Acrobatics classes

Acrobatics is an extraordinary performance art-form that dates back many thousands of years, existing in one shape or another throughout most cultures right back to the ancient Greeks. Although usually associated with circus performance, acrobatics forms the foundation of many performing arts as well as sports due to its emphasis on poise and control. General acrobatic activities include floor tumbling, trampette, acrobalance & handstands. More advanced skills include gymnastics, trampolining, flexibilty, strength training.

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