BAL Jazz Syllabus

Ballet offers a progressive syllabus incorporating warm-ups and/or barre exercises, stretching and limbering, arm & head combinations, pirouettes, travelling steps and kicks, turning steps, lyrical movements, as well as hip hop/funk combinations.

The junior syllabus was revised in 2004 to keep it up to date with modern trends, while still providing an examinable training in the basic movements of jazz dance. Senior grades have undergone a complete revision in 2009.
Music speeds are advised, but the choice of music used is determined by the teacher. This allows you to select music that the students can relate to and will enjoy dancing to, and gives you the opportunity to update your music whenever you wish, to keep your classes fresh and interesting.

Our Coursework

Expose Tap Dance coursework currently offers:


  • Beginners
  • Pre-Primary
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  • Grades One – Five
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