About Classical Ballet

Ballet dance classes at The Expose Dance Centre are a very formal and strict type of performance dance class. Ballet dance classes originated in 16th and 17th century French courts, and was further developed in England, Italy, and Russia as a concert dance form. Early ballet dance performances were presented in large chambers with most of the audience seated on tiers on three sides of the dance floor. Early ballet dancers were not as highly skilled as they are now, as ballet dance has become a highly technical form of dance with its very own French vocabulary. Ballet dance is typically performed to classical music. It is taught in ballet dance schools and ballet studios around the world, with students ranging in age from toddlers to adults. In order to become proficient at ballet dance, one must be extremely dedicated to the art and diligent in regard to practice and rehearsal time.

Cecchetti Syllabus

The Expose Dance Centre offers ballet coursework in the internationally recognised Cecchetti Syllabus. All ballet grades and levels are taught in Melbourne. Cechetti ballet is a highly respected ballet syllabus. Established by Maestro Enrico Cecchetti & first coedified in 1922, the Cecchetti Society joined the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in 1924. Australian Cecchetti examinations were first conducted in 1934.

Male & Female Cecchetti dancers have achieved regular places in prestigious dance and ballet companies world-wide. In Australia Cecchetti boasts students currently in major dance companies such as VCA (Victorian College of the Arts), The Australian Ballet School, and Queensland School of Excellence.



Cecchetti Ballet Grade Levels

  • Pre-Primary, Primary
  • Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6
  • Intermediate, Advanced 1, Advanced 2



Our Coursework

Exam dance classes are designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability, through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment. At the Expose dance centre we enter students through Cecchetti Ballet syllabus. Students are examined by external examiners and are given a recognised qualification. Students are required to attend all dance classes and must commit to a full year of dancing to be considered. Students must take their dancing seriously and practice is essential in order to dance to the required standard that Cecchetti require. Ballet students must attend two ballet classes per week in order to reach the Cecchetti standard. Students may start with the Beginners level dance classes, move up through Pre-Primary and Primary level dance classes and then into Grades 1 – 5 followed by the major levels of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Prospective students who wish to undertake exams need to understand it is based on standard rather than age.