About Colleen Ower
Colleen is our CEO, Founder & Principal, opening the school in 1997. Colleen has over 30 years of combined training, teaching and professional experience. Having undertaken many professional performances, Miss Colleen not only provides excellence in technical training but draws on personal experience to guide students on professional performance techniques.
B.E.C.S, M.T.A.A.D (Tap, Jazz, Ballet), BAL Cert III Jazz, Cecchetti Ballet A.C.B.A. - C.I.C.B, VCE Registered Teacher, Major Competition Adjudicator
Miss Colleen is uniquely postioned within the dance world having achieved teaching accreditation in Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap & VCE Dance. Miss Colleen also graduated top 2% in her class at Melbourne University (Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies)
Kindergarten Teacher
Further to her dance qualifications, Colleen was a highly acclaimed kindergarten teacher of 15 years. Some of her early childhood plans being adopted by Department of Human Services as a template for childrens plans. Often affectionately referred to as the child whisperer.